About the Artist

James Ewing was born in Houston, Texas, and currently resides in Long Beach, California. At the age of 6, James lost both of his biological parents in a plane crash. James was raised by his father’s sister, who turned out to be more of a mother than he could have hoped for.

In the two decades proceeding the death of his parents, James would look for an outlet to relieve some of his inner turmoil but found himself more lost than before. He turned in every wrong direction until January 2012 when he picked up a pen and paper and started drawing, one of his childhood pastimes.

“I’ll call the twenties a learning experience, and I look forward to the thirties as much needed progress. The grind is a bitch, no doubt, but the end results are limitless now!”

The pages of this website contain an array of those results, each one contributing to the joy in both James’ life and those whom he captures in his images or who have commissioned his work. (See what they’ve said in SH’s Testimonials section.) You can also see where James will be showcasing his work and read insight into how he works as an artist.

If you are interested in a commissioning a piece, please fill out the following form:


This website and its contents are dedicated to the mother and father who raised him with unconditional love.


2 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. I had my buddy James make a drawing of my sister and I for a Christmas present for my parents and I just got it back. And I am so happy with the results I got. He completely captured my sisters and I facile expressions he got it down to the smallest detail. And he was all about the customer and what I wanted in it. My parents are gunna love the gift. I’m definatley gunna go back to him for more drawings.

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